The composition of the materials and the required technological properties determine the choice of the method.


Security, control and documentation.
The properties for the heat-treated parts are determined in a modern metallurgy-laboratory.


Theory and practice come together here. The PYRODUR AG has decades of specific knowledge and experience in the process of "tempering and thermal technology".


The PYRODUR AG was founded in 1982 as a subsidiary of a holding company. The company currently employs around 40 employees.

“Whatever you choose, do it the best way you can”

We aim to meet the customers’ specific requirements perfectly. That is why, true to this philosophy, we began more than thirty years ago to treat workpieces and components made of a variety of materials with a thermal and thermochemical heat process. Even today this is exactly our expertise. Several proven methods, a modern computer-controlled infrastructure, an efficient laboratory, our consulting expertise and of course the decades of experience of PYRODUR AG are always available.

We look forward to solving your challenges.

Jörg Schaad and Alois Hackl

Management PYRODUR AG


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